Felix Baumgartner: a champion

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Felix Baumgartner born in Austria in 1969. He began skydiving in his early age. He was teenager when he started diving. He has made jumping from landmarks. He has made world record of supersonic skydiving in 2012. He has done skydiving 24 miles from the stratosphere over the Roswell, Mexico.

Early life

He was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1969. He has one brother named Gerald Baumgartner. Like other children, Felix Baumgartner also had dreams. He had the dream of skydiving. He imagined himself flying over the sky. He started hi skydiving in the age of 16 and showed his acrobatic abilities during the military training. He was providing services in the Austrian military at this period of time. He was inspired by Joseph kittinger. Joseph kittinger was a pilot and set a record of jumping from plane in 1960. He jumped at an altitude of 102800 feet.

Baumgartner worked as a mechanic and driver in his career. His main ambition was to be a skydiver in his career. He put great effort to achieve his ambition. He wanted to do something beyond the perception of people. He wanted to break the record in the skydiving. He started his career of skydiving by performing skydiving exhibition in the company. He performed in the Red Bull beverage company which later became his sponsor. He has done great effort for set the record in the skydiving.

Learning skydiving

To start the skydiving, Felix Baumgartner initially added the BASE for the skydiving. BASE contains the four basic functions of the skydiving which are building, antenna, spans and earth. He did effort to become good skydiver. He was a man of passion and passion makes man perfect. He did his stunts efforts in 1990. In 1999 he set the record of parachute jumping to the earth from the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Then he did so a good deal of jumping training by practicing. Then he jumped from the Pirelli skyscraper in Italy in the later year. During 2007, he tackled in Taipei China.

Record setting in skydiving

He set the record of skydiving in 2012. He jumped at an altitude of 128100 feet. He did it with a high speed of 833.9 miles per hour. He was first to break the barrier of sound. He achieved his aim to set the record in skydiving. He was in a position to achieve it. He has made test jumps for several years to set this record. He did train of jumping with the sponsorship of red bull beverage company. He used the sponsorship of red bull stratus project team. Felix Baumgartner did train with the help of several coaches. In these coaches, his hero joseph kitting er was includes. Number of other coaches were also related to the training session of Felix. He was monitored by 300 engineers and scientists when he was ready to set the record in 2012. Scientist were belonged to the New Mexico.

He reached to the second layer of atmosphere known as stratosphere. He pulled up to this layer with the help of large helium balloon. He remained in the space for four minutes and set the record. After nine minutes in total, he reached to the ground in the Roswell. He was the first man who travelled faster than the speed of sound. He did it without any aircraft.