Biography of Kimberly Anne Scott, ex-wife of Eminem

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Kimberly Anne Scott is famous for her relationship with the music maestro Eminem. They both were in a relationship with each other in their teenage. She made headlines in the mainstream media when she married twice with her ex-husband, Eminem in 2006. Kimberly was a high-school beau of a famous rapper, Eminem but their love story remained unfulfilled as Eminem filed a divorce after three months of their second marriage. Kim tried to end her life and became a drug addict after divorce. On the other hand, Eminem sang ditch songs after divorce for Kim. They’re forever after relationship got ruined due to music that brought them together. Who is Kimberly Scott and what is the reason behind her tumultuous relationship with acclaimed singer Eminem? Read on and know about Kim and her passionate love-hate relationship with her ex-husband.

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne Scott is popular due to the wife of famous American rapper Eminem. She was born on January 9, 1975, in America. She was not notably known in public before meeting with her high-school boyfriend Eminem. She was living with her stepfather but ran away from home with her twin sister Dawn Scott because her stepfather was an abusive alcoholic.


Full Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Date of Birth January 9, 1975
Best Known For Eminem’s ex-wife
Spouse Eminem(1999,2006)
Children 4
Parents Kathleen Sluck Mother, CasimerSluck, Father
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sibling Dawn Scott
Net worth $2 million



She married Eminem in 1999 but later she got divorced with one girl. They both accepted each other’s differences and again tied the knot in 2006. But their relationship didn’t work and again they called it quit and got divorced. She had one girl with Eminem when she was living with him in 1995. Eminem got huge success in music that became the main reason for their troubled relationship. Eminem filed the divorce when Kim was seen kissing other man and they got separated in 2001.

They both revitalized their romance in 2006 and got hitched in 2006 again. But they left each other after three months with the joint custody of their only child Hailey Jade.


She was born with her half-twin sister Dawn Scott, Scott later died due to an overdose of drugs. She lived with her stepfather but her biological father is Casimer Sluck.


She has three biological (Parker Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers, Whitney Scott) and one adopted kids (Alaine Marie). She has one girl named Hailie Jade Mathers with Eminem. Eminem has full custody of Kim’s niece Alaine Marie Mathers and his only daughter Hailie Jade after the legal troubles of Kimberly Anne Scott.

Net worth:

Kimberly is not doing any job but she got immense wealth by being the wife of the most iconic rapper of this era. Her estimated net worth is reported as $2 million


Although Kimberly Anne Scott got divorce twice from world’s famous rapper Eminem they both managed to have a cool relationship together. We hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and let us know your views about Kimberly’s intense love-hate relationship with Eminem.